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Clear Foil Small Scent Stickers for Candles

Clear Foil Small Scent Stickers for Candles

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Do you own a candle business and want small, beautiful scent stickers? I can help! These small stickers are perfect scent stickers if it's not on your label or warning label.  You can also pop them on your boxes so you can check without having to open the box. 

The stickers are .7cm x 4cm with an easy to read font and are available in a range of foil colours.  I can do different scents per page (maximum of 12 per page).  Unfortunately I can't change the font or do multiple foil colours per page. 

Please note: The page of stickers is created in rows of 4 x 24 rows. Each row will have the same scent. If you have a number of scents that can't equally be divided into 24 rows, you may end up with more of one or multiple scents. If you have a preference of which scents get more stickers, please let me know in the notes or in your email.

If you would like the stickers bigger, please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss the size and amount per page at the bigger size.

    For more information regarding the stickers, timeframe and postage, please see below:


    Once you have placed an order, I will start production which will take up to 5 business days. When complete, all orders are sent via Australia Post. Please see delivery information below for options available.

    HOW MANY STICKERS WILL I GET?: You will receive 96 scent stickers per page.

    FOIL INCONSISTENCIES: Please note, as these items are handcrafted there may be small inconsistencies with the foil which is unavoidable due to the foiling process. This means, there may be some black visible on the stickers where the foil has not adhered well.  I will endeavour to get them as perfect as I can and will usually supply extra stickers if there are too many inconsistencies. There may also be some foil dust / speckle on the stickers. 

    CLEAR STICKERS: Clear stickers should be treated with care.  The stickers need a clean, flat surface, free from dust and debris.  The sticker should be placed exactly where it is required as you cannot reposition the sticker. Removal will ruin the sticker. Please avoid rubbing or scratching the foil as it may damage the sticker.  Clear stickers need time to cure to the surface where they are being placed. This can take several days or longer.  The longer the stickers have to cure, the clearer they become. Clarity also depends on the surface.  Stickers may look unclear to start with but please allow sufficient time for the stickers to cure.

    DELIVERY:  All items are sent after the initial production time of up to 5 business days, via Australia post letter post. Please keep this in mind if you need your items by a specific date.

    Delivery Options available:

    • Standard Letter Post - no tracking, delivery within 1-2 weeks.
    • Tracked Letter Post - tracking included, delivery within 1-2 weeks.
    • Express Post - tracking included, delivery within 2-5 days, if within express post network

    All timeframes are provided by Australia Post and are not guaranteed.

    Thank you for visiting my item and shop. If you'd like to see more examples including short videos, please check out my Instagram.

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