Digital Chocolate Wrappers, A4 Page Or Photo Size, DIY

Digital Chocolate Wrappers, A4 Page Or Photo Size, DIY

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Are you after one of my chocolate wrapper designs but don't have time to wait for them to come by post and prefer a digital copy you can cut yourself?  That's no problem, you can purchase this item to receive a digital copy of the chocolate wrapper.  But please note, the foil writing will not look like it does in the pictures as I use real foil on my products.  Digital prints will need a digital faux foil or a solid colour and will look different to my posted versions.  

The digital chocolate wrapper can be sent as two options:

  • A high-quality A4 PDF with two chocolate wrappers on the page which you can then print and cut out by hand.  This option can come in two sizes:
    • Aldi Mini Choceur Size (10.6x15cm)
    • Cadbury Furry Friends Size (10x12.5cm)
    • Or if you need a particular size, please contact me.
  • A PNG or JPG file that you can print as a photo at places like Kmart and Officeworks (6x4" - 15x10cm)
    • Please note, the files will be high quality but I cannot guarantee the quality from the print shop that you go to.

You will need to print, cut and fold the design over the bar and then use either double-sided tape or normal sticky tape to attach the wrapper.


Once you have placed an order or contacted me directly to discuss a design, I will create a mockup for you within 48 hours (please remember to check your email). Once the custom design is finalised and approved, I will email you a link to the final file which you can download and print at your leisure.

Thank you for visiting my item and shop. If you'd like to see more examples including short videos, please check out my Instagram.

Find me on:

Instagram @eandldesigns or Facebook